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After 20 years of experience and the opportunity to take part in various projects implemented in some countries such as Dubai, Greece, Turkey, Austria, Switzerland with a tradition in management and tourist services, property management, hospitality, and corporate events, I wanted to bring and implement new ideas and projects in the property management and accommodation system like Airbnb or Booking, but at a much lower cost and with a stable impact on the area of income and expenses in this exclusive area, the French Riviera. Since 2019, we have managed to implement high-quality services in many properties in the French Riviera area, and today our clients are willing to take the next steps in such a way that utility expenses and commissions decrease by more than 50%.

The seasonal properties that we manage should have a 100% occupancy rate, and our staff should offer the satisfaction of a dream vacation, even for 2-3 days. We wanted to implement good management and marketing according to the market and requests from tourists to be able to list the properties on the professional platforms that have as a basis for promotion and collaborations with more than 23,000 tour operating tourism agencies from all continents, and our team can offer services and assistance 24/24 in English, German, Italian, Russian, and Swedish.

Of course, we are collaborators with Airbnb, Booking, TripAdvisor, Expedia, and many other well-known platforms. Our offer consists of 20 concierge & rental management services, dedicated to ensuring the satisfaction of all owners as well as tourists. Thanks to our unique system, all you need to do is relax and take full advantage of our services to make your property profitable and bring you considerable profit for a long period of time. Do not hesitate to ask us for an offer and 10 minutes of your time so that you can give us the opportunity to demonstrate the capacity of our services and staff.

French Riviera Services
George Badea - French Riviera Services
French Riviera Services

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French Riviera Services
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French Riviera Services

Business rental property in Cannes

French Riviera Services

What is the profitability of renting you property?

French Riviera Services



George's apartment is rented for 5 days, i.e. € 1000 gross income.

Global Gross Income: 1000


French Riviera Services takes a fixed taxes on the Gross income.

Our net incoming: 200


George therefore receives 800 € in net income for these 5 days of rental, i.e. the difference between the gross income and the French Riviera Services incoming.

George Net Income: 800

 Income received by George

 French Riviera Services Incoming


We are paid on commission, so you only pay if you rent

Subscribe to our "Complete Management" formula in complete freedom because you are not committed

The accounts are opened in your name, you collect the rent and pay us our commission

Track your bookings and income live via our app and manage availability yourself


French Riviera Services

Stefan Eklund

Owner Frejus

"The concierge service provided by this company was truly impressive. The staff was extremely attentive to my needs and made every effort to ensure a comfortable and stress-free stay. I highly recommend these concierge services!"

Johan Hanwin

Owner Frejus

"My experience with the concierge service offered by this company was simply wonderful. The staff was always available and ready to help me in any way possible. I can only appreciate their efforts and thank them for their excellent services. I am truly satisfied with working with them."

Angie Berthold

Tourist Cannes

"The concierge service was a real help for me during my stay. The staff was very responsive to my requests and managed to offer me exactly what I was looking for. I am very pleased with their services and will certainly turn to them again in the future. I cannot help but recommend them to others in need of personalized and reliable assistance."

Heather Ramussen - Redrock Entertainement

Owner Cannes

"I can only praise the concierge service provided by this company. The staff was very prompt in fulfilling all my requests and did everything possible to facilitate my stay. I love their services so much that I recommend them to everyone in need of personalized and high-quality assistance."

Alize Schreder

Owner Fayance

"The services provided by the property management company for Airbnb properties exceeded my expectations. They consistently found tenants for me and the profit I make from renting out the properties has significantly increased. I highly recommend this company to anyone looking to optimize their rental income in the seasonal rental system."

Anders Oxelcrantz - Riviera Hostify

Owner Antibes

"Collaborating with the property management company for my Airbnb properties has been very pleasant and efficient. They were able to find suitable tenants for my villas and were always available for any questions or concerns. I am very pleased with the results and definitely recommend them with confidence."

Oliver Sweeny - Hotel Anna Livia

Owner Cannes

"We have used French Riviera Services for cleaning and housekeeping services for our company offices and we are extremely satisfied with the results. Their team was professional, punctual, and quick in handling all of our requests. I highly recommend their services."

Dieter & Brigite Wolf

Owner Mandelieu La Napoule

"French Riviera Services has helped us keep our home clean and organized with their cleaning and housekeeping services. Their staff pays great attention to detail and provides impeccable service. We are very satisfied and will continue to use their services in the future."

Art Us Architecte d`interiur

Owner Nice

"We have worked with French Riviera Services for cleaning and maintaining our vacation apartment and we couldn't be happier. Their service was top-notch, the staff was friendly, and quick to address all of our needs. I highly recommend this company for cleaning and housekeeping services."

Jennifer Kingston

Owner Biot

"After trying out several property maintenance service providers, we chose to work with French Riviera Services and have not regretted our decision for a moment. They were able to provide us with the highest quality services, tailored to our specific needs, and were always prompt and professional in every intervention. I confidently recommend this company to any property owner or manager."

Matt Pascall

Owner Cannes

"French Riviera Services are the perfect choice for property management services. They were very attentive to my needs as a property owner and went out of their way to ensure that my property was in the best possible condition. Their services were impeccable and I cannot recommend this company enough."


French Riviera Services

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