Classic Housekeeping Services

Keeping a complete household under control, paying attention to all the details, and thinking of seasonally necessary tasks, is a lot of work. As a property owner on the French Riviera, you can delegate all this to us, even more so if you’re not a permanent resident. We make sure your villa stays in a perfect shape year-round and prepare your house in advance of your arrival so you can feel at home and enjoy your time, right from the first moment on.

Bedrooms: We make your beds, and those of your guests, just before your arrival. We regularly aerate your rooms and wardrobes and tidy up your linen cupboards/closets. We care for the seasonal change of summer to winter duvets and take care that your house is at the right temperature, so mould and dampness have no chance during the Mediterranean winter.

Bathrooms: Besides regular standard cleaning during the season (or whenever you’re present), it is important to carry out an intensive clean every once in a while. Tiles and joints should be thoroughly cleaned at least once a year and natural stone tiles need a refreshing deep clean and sealing to protect their natural beauty. In case of calcified natural stones a stone renovation including a sealant may be necessary.

Windows: Cleaning your windows normally is not part of a regular (e.g. weekly) cleaning appointment and should therefore be planned separately. Depending on the season and the grade of staining, your windows should be cleaned every 4 to 8 weeks. If you have small kids or dogs more appointments may be necessary. We clean your windows streak-free, depending on previous care and glass/material quality. Depending on the type of window we also use Kärcher window and steam cleaners in order to achieve even better results. Shutters should be cleaned on a seasonal basis and with an extra appointment.

Laundry and ironing: Laundry care and ironing are not an automatic part of our (e.g. weekly) cleaning services. We’re happy to do this for you; please plan ahead with a sufficient amount of time. Upon request we wash, dry and fold your towels, bed linen and clothes, including stain removal. We iron clothes, napkins, table linen and kitchen towels. Your laundry returns neatly folded and well sorted to your linen closets, which we always keep neat and tidy. If you own a rotary iron, we can also iron your bed linen and larger table linens. Otherwise we recommend using one of the local “pressing” services.

Stock of cleaning agents: We make sure which detergents, cleaning agents and housekeeping materials are used in your house and can restock them, if you wish.

Quarterly and bi-annual maintenance: various tasks in a household don’t require weekly attention. Allthemore important it is though, they’re not forgotten and carried out every once in a while, according to requirements.
– intensive rug and carpet cleaning with mild foaming cleaning agents
– intensive cleaning of leather sofas and fabric covered furniture
– intensive floor cleaning underneath large rugs
– cleaning and refreshment of wooden furniture and antiques
– cleaning of decorative objects and display cupboards
– cleaning of stand- and ceiling fans professional                                                                – cleaning of books care for art (e.g. elaborate picture frames, surfaces of paintings, sensitive sculptures …)
– cleaning of computers and laptops (keyboards, fans, dusty motherboards …)
seasonal                                                                                                                          – cleaning of glass and tableware cupboards, as well as cutlery drawers
– cleaning of exhaust hoods and change of filters (if still present)
– cleaning and tidying up of larders
-professional silver care, metal care (brass, copper, silver, chrome)
– reorganisation of kitchens
– reorganisation and care of basements, workshops, housekeeping rooms, laundry rooms,        ironing rooms and wine cellars

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