Flat Linen Service

Flat Linen Service

Whether you work in hospitality or catering , the image of your establishment and the quality of your service depend in part on the cleanliness and quality of your linen.
Here at Frech Riviera Services, we supply a wide range of linen specifically tailored to your business needs. Whether you need sheets, duvet covers or tablecloths, our teams provide impeccable care for linen especially for its various uses, to ensure your linen has a perfect finish and is always available.

Bed linen

Stripes duvet cover

For sophisticated, elegant rooms, French Riviera Services offers you Stripes duvet covers. With wide satin stripes, this collection gives your rooms character, while remaining soft. Save time on room preparation with a reversible duvet cover, fitted with handles, making it easier for your staff to work. French Riviera Services is right there by your side designing items specifically for your business.

Stripes pillowcase

Choose an elegant, modern ambiance in your rooms, with the pillowcases of our Stripes collection. French Riviera Services
 is right by your side every day and strives to supply you with linen that is always impeccable, so that your guests enjoy a quality experience..

Classique sheet

For the comfort of your customers, the sheets in the Classique collection are in cotton , making them very resistant. These sparkling white sheets blend perfectly into any environment. By choosing our bespoke solutions service, you benefit from bed linen that is checked and spotlessly clean, ensuring a quality experience for your customers.

Bath linen


Confort bath towel

Take care to welcome your customers with lasting quality bathroom linen. The Confort bath towel is defined by a lightweight terry cloth, pleasing to the touch, with a fresh, original pattern. To ensure a supply available at any time, Elis collects the dirty linen and quickly provides clean replacements. Deliveries are organised on the basis or your needs and the requirements of your business. 

Confort hand towel

Choose the Confort hand towel; a 100% cotton bathroom towel that offers a warm welcome to your customers. Thanks to a controlled industrial washing process, Elis guarantees you linen that is irreproachably clean and white. We deliver the products that you need, at the time you want, based on the pace of your business. 

Confort bath mat

For a luxurious welcome in your bathrooms, the Confort bath mat fits perfectly in any type of atmosphere, with its fresh and original pattern. By paying attention to every detail, you bring all resources to bear so that your customer’s stay is extremely pleasant. French Riviera Services listens to you daily and adapts to your needs so that you can manage your business with complete confidence.  

Kitchen linen

Cotton Glass Tea Towel

For efficient drying of your dishes, French Riviera Services the tea towel offers a 100% composition that ensures excellent absorption. Its woven cloth gives it lasting resistance. Provide a welcome for your customers under the best conditions.