Property Management Villa and Apartaments  

Whether you are a permanent resident or if you own a second home on the French Riviera, it’s a relief for you to know that your house is in good hands during your absence, that someone reliable cares for everything. We offer you a modern, competent and year-round maintenance service for your villa on the Côte d’Azur and care for everything you need.

Inspections: According to a rhythm that suits your needs, we will carry out control visits of your property (e.g. 1-2 times per week or twice a month). We can keep it to thorough controls of the inside and outside of your property, or we can combine these visits with smaller repair or maintenance jobs.

Keyholding: We keep your keys and electronic gate fobs safely year-round. According to your wishes your property will be accessible for family, guests or craftsmen. Only we use your keys and we will never give it to third parties.

Safety: We check the safety and functionality of all of your driveways, portals, doors, locks, windows, security systems, fences, private roads and parking areas. We walk along your whole property line, check the fences (also in regards to wild-boar damages), control outbuildings and pool houses and inspect all windows, doors and shutters.

Mail: Upon request, we can either open your incoming mail, scan it and email it to you or we can forward it to any given address, whatever suits you best. Checking your mail regularly helps you to avoid any late filing penalties.

Availability: We’re available for you; write us an email or call us, and we will be get back to you a.s.a.p. Your surveillance/security company can contact us in case of an alarm.

Reliability: We carry out appointments and jobs as agreed, punctual and 100%. Should the need for a postponement arise – which hardly ever is the case – we will inform you beforehand.

Communication: Speak with us in your language! We speak, read and write English, German, French, Italian , Greek , Swedish, Romanian. We also understand a fair amount of Spanish. We are able to carry out translations for you.

Garden: We are garden and plant enthusiasts up to a professional RHS level. If you feel your gardener hasn’t got the time or know-how to do the jobs that require a little more “savoir-faire” when it comes to drip-irrigation, pruning, plant renovation or the right “forming” of trees and shrubs, we’re more than happy to carry out these jobs for you during the off-season.

Craftspeople: When “artisans” or other service personnel come into your house, we can supervise their work for you and communicate with them, which is usually done in French. We can research local craftsmen for you, talk them through your wishes, get quotes and communicate between you and them. This way we can organise maintenance, renovation or building jobs on your property, which are ideally carried out during the winter season.Meter reading for gas and electricity or the mandated regular visit of a chimney sweeper can be arranged with us.

Additional services: Please do speak with us whenever there is anything else we can do for you. We’re happy to broaden and adept our services to your needs.

Check-in & Key exchange: A smiling face to welcome you is sometimes all a guest needs after a long flight. We will welcome every guest personally upon their arrival and are at their disposal to assist them during their stay. We said it already; expect happy guests, always.

Guided Check-out: We will aid your guests throughout the check-out process, ensuring that your place is in order, windows and doors are locked, keys collected and your guests ready for their onward journey. Expect best in class safety

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